It's a new way of running business using the new Open for Business Network (OBN) Protocol. It begins today. Think of the OBN as a vast community of every day people within Canada that wish to help build a reliable and trustworthy business. The OBN Protocol is the manual on how to run the business. The OBN Protocol will be under constant development and is Openfor all to see. So what does that mean?

The term 'Open' is adopted from the Open Source software development atmosphere. So one could think of the Open for Business Network Protocol like a version of software that is in development that will gradually become better and better over time - by achieving goals and expectations that clients and businesses set. It's a collective contribution. So having a good learning centre for new members is imperitive.

You may be asking yourself, can this work? We can achieve great things individually when we put our minds to it. As a collective, we can achieve potentially far greater. The Open Software Industry is a constant reminder of this. Utilizing this simple principle makes up the very definition that we all understand as 'team-work'.

If you have ever walked away from a business unhappy, or felt misunderstood with questions not answered to your satisfaction, then you are not alone. New businesses have a hard time gaining the upper-edge against businesses that have all the money and choose to use bad business practices - so some new businesses unwittingly give-in to bad business practices in order to achieve a little success - because they follow the examples set by others. This is morally and ethically wrong, and typically leads to bad-press, lengthy legal challenges, and eventually the dissolving of the business. The Open for Business Network Protocol does-away with moral and ethical dilemmas by evolving over time and being transparent by default.

Whether you are a plumber, bookkeeper, financial advisor, inspector, electrician, store owner, carpenter, architect, interior designer, potential client, engineer, student, mentor, apprentice, you name it - this will (eventually) be your goto - one-stop-shop - for information on learning about anything to do with the Open for Business Network, updates, ideas, concepts, tips-and-tricks, tutorials, and more.

Please stay tuned as we prepare the Learning Centre. We will also be running a separate Garden Channel specifically for those that have a green-thumb.

Shawn & Larissa